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CPM/PPC to PPL (SOI/DOI) calculator

Earnings per lead SOI/DOI
CPM click rate, eg. 1% *

Sign up conversion rate %, eg. 20%
DOI conversion rate %, eg. 50%

Max PPC rate 🔒
Max CPM rate 🔒

* Optional, if you don't define a CPM click rate you will only get a value for PPC. This calculator is currency neutral, enter values in any currency you wish. If you are promoting a SOI program enter a DOI conversion rate of 100%.


Earnings per lead SOI/DOI:
Enter the value that the affiliate program will pay you per lead, this can be either the single or double opt-in value in any currency.

CPM click rate:
Enter the click rate of the display advert program you expect. This will be a low percentage, for example, 0.5% to 2%. Ask your advert network for some typical examples. This will vary on the media you use for your banners and the placement on the target site.

Sign up conversion rate:
Enter the percentage sign up rate from visitor to free join. This will vary on the landing page quality and the quality of the incoming traffic.

DOI conversion rate:
Enter the percentage of free sign ups you expect to confirm their email addresses. Set this value to 100 if you are performing a calculation for an SOI program.

Is your PPL affiliate offer any good?

Tough question! Our calculator can help answer that. Let's ignore a CPM rate as this is out of the control of your affiliate program and down to your network of choice and media options. The parts that are in the control of your affiliate program are, the rate they will pay you for a lead, the landing page conversion rate and their account confirmation rates.

Per lead payout
Offer value can vary hugely and can have terms attached. For example, you may only be paid for traffic from a certain region or visitors of a set gender. Many affiliates have no way to control genders but may have some control over country. This can often be an away for an affiliate program to inflate their numbers. Some will offer a huge payout but have redicilous restrictions. Watch out for that!

If you have an offer of $10.00 per lead DOI and $3.00 per lead DOI which would you go for? If they are in the same industry sector you should be wary of the very high offer. Why is it so much higher than many of the competition? They could have terms attached as we discussed. But they could have a dog of a landing page and awful email delivery rates.

Testing email delivery rates
If you're promoting a DOI offer you need to ensure the provider can deliver emails to users and they don't end up in junk folders. You could try and join with the top 5 most popular email accounts but a simple way is to use an email delivery tool to score and compare. The tool is excellent for this. They will give you a disposable address, enter it on the landing page of an offer and check the score. If they haven't sent up their mail server correctly or are on spam lists, walk away and find another offer.

Reviewing landing pages
This is not easy to know until you start to promote an offer but there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, use your own judgement. Do you think the landing page design is clean and professional? Would you consider joining the site yourself?

If you're happy with how it looks then see what happens when you change your browser size (assuming your on a desktop). What does the landing page look like when it's shrunk for a mobile device?

Check the landing page uses HTTPS / SSL. Many browsers will show warnings and errors if it's not a secure connection. This will have a massive impact on sign up rates. Ditch them right away if it's not a secure site.

Speed test the page via the Google page speed insights tool (search 'PageSpeed' Insights'). If it's less than 90/100 users are not going to enjoy the experience.

Check the quality of the HTML coding with the w3 web validator ( This will scan the landing page and report how many mistakes are in the code. Mistakes means that some browsers may not display the landing page correctly. A few errors is fine and often normal but watch out for a lander that is riddled with bad code.

Example calculations

Offer #1: $10.00 PPL DOI
Very high payment per lead but landing page quality not ideal with some errors and slow speed. Additionally the email delivery score is just 6/10.

Sign up conversion rate = 10%
DOI conversion rate = 20%
Earnings per click = $0.20

Offer #1: $3.00 PPL DOI
Lower offer value per lead but the landing page and email delivery are flawless.

Sign up conversion rate = 25%
DOI conversion rate = 50%
Earnings per click = $0.38


The PPL offer value is not important, it's the combination of everything the offer provides. In some cases the very high offers can be a sign of a brand that has excessive terms, poor design and bad business ethics. The only way to know the true value is to trial different offers and equate them back to earnings per click. But hopefully the information in this article will help you avoid some of the bad choices up front. Try some values in our free calculator and see how your current offers really compare.