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Pure Payout System

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Screenshots of the Pure Payout affiliate back office. Clean design and powerful reports. All real-time and instant, no waiting for pages to load.

A true dashboard

The first page you see after login has almost everything you need to monitor and track your commission. For many affiliates it's the only page they need. The simple pull down menus adjust he results instantly. Filter your earnings by brand, country and device in a click of a mouse or tap of a finger.

Genuine values

The numbers we report are real, we don't skim like some of the rouge programs. If a program is willing to trick their end dating users into multiple product billing, list selling and fake profile creation can you be 100% sure they are not doing the same to you?

Real-time reporting

Totally live. Everything that happens with your traffic is shown to you without delay. Your welcome to test us at any time by placing on order through your own tracking id and see the commission instantly!

Heat map reporting

Track trends in daily sales with our heat map calendar. Each day is coloured on relative sales value, may be your traffic is worth more on a weekend? Or converts better towards the end of the month? With Pure Payout it's easy to see.

Projected sales forecast

We understand that for super affiliates this is your full time job. You need to know early if a month is not going to reach your expectations and personal sales targets. You can quickly see what the expected earnings are the moment you login.

Order logs

Good old fashioned order logs are generated instantly and updated in real-time. See the order value, sales commission, device and country. Sales and chargebacks are reported. No one likes chargebacks and maybe your current program doesn't show them? You should be very suspicious if they don't, there could be some skimming taking place!