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Free keyword builder tool

Enter sets of keywords in each zone:

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 Zone 1:
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Enter a word or phrase into zone1, zone2 and zone3, each on a new line or separated with a comma (,). On pressing 'Create keyword list' all 3 word combinations will be created. Encapsulate your combinations in quotes (") or square brackets ([]) for phase and exact matches.


Zone1: online, free, totally free
Zone2: dating
Zone3: website, site, app

This will produce the follow output:

online dating website
online dating site
online dating app
free dating website
free dating site
free dating app
totally free dating website
totally free dating site
totally free dating app

Advanced usage

If you wish to generate long tail search terms you can enter multiple words in each zone on the same line. To ensure you don't create random lists or mistakes the zones have been limited to 3. You may need to reset the form and create several lists which you later combine. You can also prefix terms with a + for a modified broach match. Zone 3 may also be left blank. You may also enter a * in a zone which will be ignored and create a term with one less value.

Why did we create this?

After setting up a campaign with a leading provider we found the default setting of a broad search match produced absolute rubbish results and just wasted money. Great if you're the advert provider. Awful if you're the customer! Millions of dollars of advertising budgets will be wasted every month.

More focused keyword lists will produce better results but it soon becomes very time consuming to build all the combinations. Our free keyword tool builder helps advertisers make high quality campaigns and saves money.

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Not just dating

We are an online dating affiliate program but you can, of course, use this tool for any business sector.