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dating offer commission

Dating affiliate program

Pure Payout is a high quality and professional dating affiliate program for in-house online dating offers. Written by a team of dynamic online dating experts who have generated millions from other dating affiliate programs, we understand all the flaws your current affiliate systems may entail. For example, our dating brands are professionally built and ethically run businesses. We don't make fake dating profiles like many others. This means our retention rates are fantastic. We pay a huge 75% on initial orders and generous 50% on renewals and we don't make our affiliates jump through hoops to get these rates, these are the default rates. We understand that a super affiliate will send traffic to who ever pays the best and asking you to increase traffic for a greater share is just nonsensical. From years of experience here are some of the things we know we do better than some of the others you may have tried.

Real real-time reporting

If someone clicks, joins or upgrades our affiliate program software show you this instantly. Ever wondered why your current providers affiliate program isn't in real-time? Are they are useless at coding or are they using the time to fiddle your numbers and skim and bit off to the side? You may have experienced affiliate skimming before when you promote two different programs and the free to paid conversion rates vary drastically from the same traffic sources, the skimmer offsets this with large CPA offers. The large offer gets more attention but the program earns you less than a smaller CPA deal!

Affiliate reports

Does your current affiliate program make you use a spreadsheet to decode your earnings into basic values such as revenue per click and free joins. Or make it near impossible to separate revenue by country, device and offer? Or make you mess about to compare the pervious month with the current months projected forecast? The Pure Payout dashboard does all of this (and more) with a few clicks and reports the results in less than 0.02 seconds! No spinning progress wheels on our system at all.

Single landers with multiple brands

How much affiliate traffic have you wasted trying to determine which lander has the best conversion rate? We make it simple, we have one lander which we optimise to perfection and offer multiple brands with a clear target demographic.

Consistent brands

Have you experienced an affiliate program that is always creating new brands, which is the same site as before? This can occur when a program uses company generated fake profiles, the brand becomes burnt as everyone knows it's no good for real dating. New brands are needed to keep 'exploiting' customers. We have established brands over 10 years old, giving users confidence to join and upgrade.

Mobile mobile mobile

Desktop traffic is dying and has your existing affiliate manger said, 'Your desktop traffic is converting well, can you send more?'. No, of course you can't, 80%+ of dating traffic is mobile today. We have designed a dating platform that is simply stunning to use a mobile device and our sales rates are excellent. At Pure Payout your affiliate manager will say, 'All your traffic is converting well, send everything you can to our program!'.

Males, females, couples & transgender

Our dating sites convert sales for all gender types. Your per lead deals with other providers will mainly be for males. Unless you own a social networking site or dating site it can be difficult to segment the traffic. You will not waste any of your traffic with Pure Payout as almost all of it can be converted into sales.

Global reach

It goes without saying the UK, US, CA and AU will be the top performing regions for an affiliate program, but you can also earn commission from sales all over the world. With multiple user billing methods, from credit card to cash we aim to convert every lead possible.