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Account security

Hopefully you will spend a few minutes to read this page. This is all the stuff you don't see that we bother to write. There are a lot of dating affiliate programs that have no idea or simply don't care about your data. Remember, many of them will have your bank details for payment purposes so you better hope they care. We do, this is some of the tech stuff we implemented.

SSL / HTTPS connections
All parts of our affiliate program and dating brands are secured with SSL / HTTPS connections.

Your password is hashed with a technique called blowfish. The database that stores your account details has the password details but with this method it is not human readable. If someone got access to the database it would take them about 1000 years of processing power to workout your password. It would be 1000 years for every affiliate, making it not worth the effort.

In the past some of the big brand dating sites have been hacked and it became apparent all the passwords were stored in plain text. It's a fair assumption that the same disregard for data privacy is repeated in their affiliate programs.

Bank details
We don't ask for your bank details, we send affiliate payments via PayPal®.

Password reset
If you forget your password we don't say 'We found your account and an email has been sent'. Hackers use forgot password pages to work out email addresses of affiliates and can then contact them with phishing emails in an attempt to get access to their funds. We have the same message if the email exists or not. Test this on some of the other affiliate programs you use. This is a great way to determine if their developers truly understand security.

SQL database connections
All affiliate programs will need a database behind the scenes. Data will be read and written many times a second. When coding it can be 1 line of code to select an entry from the database but to do it properly it takes many more lines of code. Programmers can be lazy and it's tedious work to ensure you have all the data protected. But without protection a hacker can get access to the database from something outside of the server such as a sales order log. We spent the time to make sure all our database statements are correctly encoded to minamise this risk.

I wrote this!
The person writing this page also wrote all the code and owns the company! Not many CEO's are coders. When an employee codes they can sometimes not care that much. Additionally, everything is bespoke so the source code is a secret. When a company uses an affiliate platform they purchased, the source code is not a secret. Knowing the source code is a huge step towards finding a weakness.

Remote servers
The servers that power the affiliate program and dating platforms are located in a secure data centre. Only authorised personal can get to the machines, the only other access is via command line connections which have very secure passwords.


Thanks for getting through to the end of this page and hopefully you have confidence in our products and services. Please use some of this knowledge to assess the quality of our competition. Please be careful!