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Terms and Conditions [Feb 2020]

The Company: Owner, developer and operator of The Website with registration number 6036262 (DM CUBED LTD).
The Client: The individual or company using The Website and affiliate products or services.
The Website: and any subdomain on the domain

The Company, The Website and these terms and conditions operate under the laws of England and Wales.

Email alerts and contact information
The Client can opt-in and opt-out of newsletter email alerts.
The Client cannot opt-out of system email alerts unless they terminate their account.
The Client must keep all contact information stored on the settings page up to date.

The Client may request termination of their account in writing and any unpaid funds will be sent to the nominated account unless the amount is lower than the payment threshold. In this case the funds will remain the ownership of The Company.
If The Client is in breach of these terms and conditions The Company may terminate their account without warning and any balance of funds will not be paid.

All commission generated by The Client is owned by The Company until the balance exceeds the payment threshold. If The Company suspects any fraudulent activity from The Client then all commission will be reduced to zero and The Client's account will be terminated. If Commission earned by The Client totals more than revenue earned by The Company from The Client The Company will not pay The Client.

If The Client becomes inactive by not sending traffic to their affiliate links their account balance will be reduced to zero. Inactive is defined as zero end user signs ups to any brand operated by The Company within 30 days.

If The Client uses spamming techniques or any other illegal method of promoting their affiliate links all commission will be reduced to zero, The Clients account will be terminated and details may be passed to local law enforcement. We have a zero tolerance on any illegal activity.

Self sign-ups
The Client may not sign themselves up as a user of our dating brands in an attempt to generate commission. Nor may they offer a 3rd party an incentive to sign up in order to generate commission.

Tracked and stored information
The Company will store all information you provide as well as logs and reporting data. On termination of the account this information will be deleted.
The Company does not store credit card or bank details.

Copyright and trademarks
The Website is protected by copyright and trademark law. No part of The Website may be copied or reproduced without written permission from The Company.

Provision of service
The Company provides no guarantee of the uptime of The Website, longevity or data storage and may terminate or alter the service of The Website without warning.

The Client must not use The Website if they are under 18 or if use of The Website would breach The Clients own regional laws. The Website is only to be used for the purpose advertising products or services.
The Client cannot use The Website for any illegal activity, including, but not limited to fraud, terrorism, prostitution and distribution of malware / viruses.

Law enforcement
The Company will work with recognised law enforcement agencies and The Clients personal data will be shared when required.

Links to other sites that are not owned by The Company are used at The Clients own risk.

If your own copyright has been breached by content posted on our site by The Clients, The Company will remove this data following a DMCA notice sent to our postal address. The details are listed on

The Client using The Website agrees that no claim may be brought against The Company for any loss incurred by The Client as a result of using The Website.
The Companies total liability will never exceed more than £1 per Client.

Updates to terms and conditions
The Company reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time.